HID 35W Smart Premium Canbus Ballast -Fast Start- EMI-EMC

( EKU10-35W )


New 35W 12V HID Smart Canbus Ballast with ASIC (fully digital) technology

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Our new 35w digital HID ballasts are the latest addition to our HID product range; it is an essential replacement for any failed or older standard 55w ballast. With built in digital technology its compatible with 99% of modern cars without causing any on board computer issues. Furthermore, our new quality & robust ballasts are not only well made on the inside they are on the outside too; produced to high standards they are waterproof, dust proof and have been vibration tested. They are also CE & E-marked approved meaning that they have passed rigorous testing to conform to the high standards set in the UK & EU. Please note: Listing is for a single ballast only ASIC smart canbus ballast Operating Current 3.1A PCB technology - ASIC smart system 24 Months Warranty Double can bus decoder: Passed Can bus Testing: BMW E90 2003-2012, Audi A3, A6, R8, Golf 5, Golf 6, Golf 7, JEEP Pure Aluminium material shell (excellent heat elimination). Most other ballast use cheap material ballast shell 100% can bus IC chip, built-in 20000uf capacitor 100% DSP digital PCB board, ensures enough power (Watt) & steady working performance Defective rate : Less than 0.3% Increased visibility with Bright Xenon Lights Lasts more than 3500 hours. 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof CE and RoHs certified. Premium quality assurance standards. Long-lasting AC power ballast with ASIC DSP chip. Dual Can bus decoder with Dual EMC circuit built-in. OEM-Grade UV cut quartz bulb. ASIC circuit type, provides more power, more brightness, safe. 100% safe, Recoil Voltage absorb diode used with EMC system built in - Protects car wipers or computer system.




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