H15 -H-L- CSP 7200Lm White Fog-Headlight LED DRL Bulbs


Premium H15 (H/L) 'All-in-One' ZES-CSP LED Fog/Headlight FOR DRL

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These brand new H15 LED DRL bulbs are a premium LED with 8 Zes LED. Each lamp is fitted with the latest Philips ZES LED chips offering an incredible 7200Lm total light output that’s pure white in colour. To achieve that, each LED has a built in auto thermostatic cooling system (fan) dissipating any heat that is generated. Powering these LEDs are the latest 'Built-in' LED drivers that have CPU controlling constant current, over-heat protection & supplying 30W of power. This LED kit is made from high grade aviation aluminium and is totally waterproof with water-tight screw-in joints for added protection. In most applications they can be fitted entirely into the headlamp itself so no need to drill holes in the back for the headlamp like HID kits. LEDs last far longer and draw less power than anything else on the market. These are must for any person wanting to upgrade their lights to something with high brightness, longevity and low maintenance.




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